Santa Fe Brewing Becomes New Mexico’s First Regional Brewery

SANTA FE, NM – Santa Fe Brewing Co. is excited to announce that, after 24 years in business, we have finally reached the 15,000 bbl per year production landmark. Just in the last year we have grown 33% and added another 30% of fermentation space for 2013.

Brian Lock, Owner, said “It is very exciting to be the first craft brewer in the State of New Mexico to surpass the 15,000 BBL. mark”. “I believe that there will be more New Mexico breweries reaching this level in the near future”.

We want to thank everyone who has helped to bring us to this point. It has been amazing to watch and to participate in the growth of the craft beer industry. We would not be celebrating this achievement without the support of our dedicated employees, customers, suppliers and fellow brewers. It is an honor and a joy to be a part of this industry and we look forward to continued growth for us all!

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