Welcome to WeBlogBeers. We’re a bunch of guys who like beer, and we like to write about beer. On our blog we’ll tell you about the beers we like, and we’ll tell you about the beers we don’t like (it may not be many, because, well, we like beer). And we’ll tell you about other beer-related things that strike our fancy.

Here’s what our blog won’t tell you: the difference between Chinook and Willamette hops, the intricacies of spontaneous fermentation, or whether a beer contains the aroma of tree sap. We really don’t care. We like beer. But beyond that, we like the experience of beer. We will tell you where we were when we drank it. We’ll tell you the best places you can find it. And we’ll tell you why we think it’s a good idea to put ice cream in it.

So welcome to our blog. We hope to inform you. We hope to entertain you. And we hope you’ll keep coming back for more.



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  1. I produce the show Beer Geeks hosted by Michael Ferguson, the first nationally syndicated show celebrating the world of craft beer. And I’m writing to ask for your help.

    As great as the show is (we’ve just been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Culinary Program up against the big boys like Bobby Flay and Anthony Bourdain), generating revenue to produce the series remains a struggle. We are committed to shooting season two and are trying to fund the shooting of one episode through Kickstarter. Which means we need to get the word out (and quickly, since we are on a 30 day Kickstarter deadline).

    It would be a great help if you could please contribute (as little as a buck is ok) and pass the word along to anyone and everyone you know — through Facebook, blogs, email lists, websites, any way you can help us reach as many beer lovers as possible. Please direct everyone to our Kickstarter site via this web address:


    By doing this, you can be a big part of helping us continue to get the word out about the great craft beer community. And we appreciate the assistance very, very much.



    David Page

    Executive Producer

    Beer Geeks



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