Want to Live Longer? Drink More Beer

Go ahead have a couple of beers two to three times a weak, you will be healthier and happier.

Since we’re beer drinkers, we were excited to read the headline of this recent article by Markum Heid of Men’s Health: Want to live longer? Drink more beer.

OK, that’s not quite the article title, but let’s be clear about this: This is something We Blog Beers can get behind 100 percent. In fact, let me pour another beer and elucidate further.

According to Virginia Tech University of Research, during a five-year study teetotalers were 19 percent more likely to die then regular drinkers. How does the article define “regular drinkers”? One or two drinks three or more times a week.

I don’t believe you heard me. That’s ONE or TWO drinks THREE OR MORE times a week. So do the math with me. A week is seven days. If you have two drinks a day (and since this is a beer blog, we’ll forgo the expression “drinks” and say what we really mean…beers) for seven days, that’s 14 beers a week. Fourteen beers a week…and you can still be healthy. As beer drinkers, this news is something akin to finding out that we are the heirs to the Samuel Adams fortune.

According to the article, moderate drinking can raise good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol and reduce blood problems that lead to clogged arteries.

Now, let’s be clear (especially since my attorney is reading this over my shoulder), excess in any measure is bad. We’re not advocating that you go out and start pounding every beer in sight or that you drink 14 beers a week. There are a lot of high-calorie, high ABV beers out there, and if that’s what you’re drinking 14 times a week, or if you’re repeatedly making beer floats with your Guinness or your Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, your health just might go the other direction. But there are healthier beer options for you (Beamish Irish Stout 146 calories for 12 oz.), and we encourage you to get a mix of healthy foods and exercise along with your beer.

So that’s our take on it. You don’t have to agree with us, but if you’d like to debate, we suggest it occur over a healthy pint. Cheers!

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