How to Review a Beer

Beer is the new wine and craft brewers are realizing the profitsOver the past three years, big beer sales have gone down about 5%, while craft beer sales have gone up 21%.

Beer is the new wine. And if you are serious about your beer like we are you need to know how to review a beer. No longer is it just a beverage for backyard barbecues and frat parties. Today, people talk about the “complexity” of beers and what cuisine goes best with a particular stout or pale ale. And craft brewers around the country are experimenting with new techniques and flavors and creating brews that tout themselves as exclusive – not just for their flavor but also for their price tag.

If you find yourself a particularly discerning beer lover, you may want to remember or note exactly what it is you liked about the beer you drank. To that end, here is a list of the things to look for when reviewing your beer:

Appearance – What color is the beer? What kind of head does it have? What color is the head? Is the carbonation active or passive? Is the beer cloudy or clear?

Smell – Bring the glass to your nose. Note the various aromas it contains. Malts, hops, chocolate. Does it have a fruity aroma?

Taste – As you drink the beer, note the flavors on your palate. Is any one flavor dominant? Is there a blend of flavors? Is the flavor pleasing or not so much?

Beer tastings are become more and more popular with local brew pubs or craft breweries

Mouthfeel – Let a sip of the beer hang out in your mouth for a while. How does it feel? Is it particularly smooth? Is it rough? Is it particularly heavy or light?

Overall – This is where you bring it all together. What was your overall feeling of the beer? Get a general impression and apply a like/dislike or a rating to the beer.

If you would like to take notes about your beer for future reference, share your beer thoughts with friends or get recommendations while you are out there are several great apps out there where you can review what other people have said about the beer you’re about to try and take your own notes or assign ratings to beers.

Here are just a few of our favorite free apps.

Beer Gene : Track and rate beers, get recommendations from a specific location based on personal taste and preferences, search 40,000 beers in the database, and share your beers with the community.

Beer! : Track your beer tasting habits. Make your own notes and ratings, take a photo of your beer, and keep a history of your favorites. Share your beer thoughts with the Beer! community.

Beer Cloud : Find food and beer pairings on the go, locate great craft beers and discover the history of a brew or brewery. Create and share your beer lists. Scan a beer and get a description instantly and map retailers who carry it.

Pintly : Part database and part social network. Rate beers you like or hate and get recommendations and points that can get you craft beers. And guess what: It’s free and there is a mobile website for phones without apps.

Happy Reviewing! And Happy Drinking!
Nothing can ever reach 5 Beer Bobs but this one comes damn close because we like that you like beer.

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