9 reasons now is the time to drink craft beer

Here at Weblog beers we like to talk about unique craft beers, well we mostly like drinking them, but we don’t spend a lot of time with facts and figures. We don’t give you reports on the industry or detailed descriptions of the complex brewing process. But today we couldn’t help ourselves it is time to put some real detailed beer information in a post.

Now the info below is pretty easy for us to pass on because it all comes from The Brewers Association and they promote and protect small and independent American brewers, their craft beers and the community of brewing enthusiasts so we really like them.

Now the 9 reasons it’s time to put down your wine glass and pick up a bottle.

1. More craft beer

2. Craft beer revenues up over 10 year period

3. Accelerated growth

4. And more brewers planned

5. More places to get craft beer6. Less closings

7. Increase in brewers operating in the U.S.

8. Roll out the barrels and barrels and barrels

10. Stop reading and start drinking we need to catch up

For those of you who need one more nudge here is a chart that spans some time, 125 years of time. There are more breweries today than in any other time in 125 years of history, so no more excuses there are millions of barrels of beer and thousands of brewers to experience.

9 reasons 5 Beer Bobs what else do you need.

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