Michelada: Spicing Up Your Beer

If you’re looking at this picture, you’re craving one of these. Go ahead. Admit it. It’s OK.

There is no beer that goes better with its cuisine than Mexican beer. A mouthful of Negra Modelo or Dos Equis both perfectly soothes and sets up your palate for the next bite from your combination plate. They just go together in a way that Italian food and Peroni, or Indian food and Taj Mahal, never will. And does Belgium even have its own cuisine??

If you’re interested in adding a little more spice and flavor to your Mexican beer, consider turning it into a michelada. A cerveza preparada, the michelada also goes by the name “chelada,” and there are several varieties. Miller Brewing Company produces Miller Chill, which is a chelada-style lager with hints of salt and lime. Budweiser produces a chelada lager with clamato, lime juice and salt. (This will be one of the few times we mention Budweiser or Miller on this blog, so soak it in friends.)

But you don’t want to drink that cheap stuff. Instead, why not make your own?

12 oz. Mexican beer

juice of one lime

2 dashes Maggi (a Mexican liquid seasoning, found at most Mexican food markets)

1-2 dashes Tabasco

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce.

A healthy pinch of powdered chipotle chiles (optional).

For best results, mix the ingredients together in a glass with some ice, then pour the beer over the top. This version is more closely related to a michelada cubana, which relies more on spices than tomato juice for its flavor.

Although this works fine with a large plate of Mexican food, try it on a hot day or at the end of a long work day. And wouldn’t you know it, this seems to work with any type of food: potato chips, cream puffs, ice cream. Enjoy.
Me Gusta Michelada

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